Sunday, April 2, 2006

Where'd the weekend go?

Jason's birthday party was a fun break from the norm.  Now that I know where Lake's house is, I might go back for the Thursday night poker game.  And then it rained.

The weather has settled into that familiar springtime pattern of storms almost every night and gorgeous sunny days.  I hope it keeps up.  It was a fantastic weekend.  I didn't get everything done, but I played some poker at Harrah's for a while.  I bought groceries.  I rested a lot.  I ate a lot.  And I played hockey. . . twice.

The Jerusalem Bakery buffet (Roanoke & Westport) is good grub.  For the money, it's hard to eat so healthy for so little cash.  And I love the format.  Two steps in the door, you grab a fork and a plate and start piling food onto it.  Then you pay $9; the drink is included.  Find a seat and chow down.  Free refills.  No frills.  And when you're really hungry following a leg workout, it's just the best.

I'm addicted to Beatbox 34 on Sirius satellite radio.  They play too much Fatboy Slim, but otherwise it suits my taste for driving around town music.  DJ Icey is good.  DJ Red Alert is way better.  I don't miss the local radio much.  I must admit I'm not very knowledgeable about next Tuesday's vote to support improvements to the stadiums.  When I need some news, I switch between Fox Talk 145, CBC News, and Howard 101.  They sort of balance each other out, so when one annoys me, I flip to the other.  If I could get the local KMBC traffic, weather, and local talk shows via the satellite where it's crystal clear, it would be perfect.

About the stadium issue, I never agreed with the policy of taxing everyone to build a stadium which will be used primarily by a sports league with pockets deep enough to pony up the higher rent.  But in this town, football is the unifying theme, and baseball is. . . well, not so much.  A stadium in this culture is really a piece of infrastructure.  Since the city can't negotiate a sweeter rent deal from the Chiefs, I suppose a little more sales tax is worthwhile to upgrade the stadiums, which haven't seen any significant improvements in years.  I'm glad the NFL agreed to pay for any budget overruns.  The construction projects are good for me, because my rental properties are in the vicinity of the stadiums.  In principle, I hate the additional tax and thespirit of the "keep the teams" ads, but the stadium improvements will benefit me personally, so I'm going to vote 'yes', I'm afraid.  What happens to that $20 a car they get from all those football fans who park on any given Sunday, though?  Can't they just go $30 a car to make the stadium roof payment?

On the hockey front, half our team was gone again this week doing battle readiness drills and it was, again, a blowout.  If we lose one more, we could find ourselves in next to last place. . . which, from a playoff seed perspective, is kind of a sweet spot.

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