Friday, April 7, 2006

Jetta plan and colonization

I have recieved a quote for a replacement OEM 1.8T engine with a 27000 mile or 6 month warranty shipped for $2000. That, plus some cool, yet inexpensive, upgrades which I have learned about in my reading, and my Jetta is capable of 400+ horsepower and 13 second quarter miles. I'm getting excited.


And. . . on the immigration topic:

C Hill (4:00:44 PM): Oh no they didn't. . .
Kj (4:01:22 PM): christ
Kj (4:01:32 PM): and that is Nixon's home town
C Hill (4:01:37 PM): And I *love* this quote. . . "I argue that when people come from abroad to make a new home for themselves, and they are committed to the goal of becoming part of our nation -- that's immigration. When they come to exploit economic opportunities while proudly flaunting their determination to continue in their allegiance to a foreign flag -- that's colonization."
Kj (4:02:01 PM): that's an excellent quote
C Hill (4:02:06 PM): Alan Keyes

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