Monday, April 3, 2006

Save our Stadiums/River

Of the spam I got today, I got a couple of items which I found interesting. The KC Star sent me a very nice piece of "Save Our Stadiums" propaganda, with a nice link to the rolling stadium roof animation. Here -->

And I got a solicitation from Missouri River Relief, in whose events I have been a volunteer. You get to ride around on the river in speed boats and put bottles, cans, and tennis balls into big plastic bags and drag discarded car parts and refrigerators to the pickup points. It's huge fun, good exercise, and you get to see the city from the water.  Here -->

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  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE the Missouri River; I can look down on it from my back pasture, and I ride my horse right down to the edge of it often.  Check out this old entry in my journal: