Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mr. Zombie and Mr. Brown

The Rob Zombie show was exactly what I expected it to be, although not too loud.  Since it was general admission, we ended up with balcony seats off to the side, but it was worth every penny.  His voice was kinda rough, but I'm glad he didn't cancel the show.  He pointed the mic to the crowd and let them sing the chorus many times.  I particularly liked the gratuitous car crash scenes during Dragula and the giant robot guy with green eyes on the stage during More Human than Human.  I think it was less artistic, but more entertaining than the recent NIN tour.  If I had to choose, I'd choose the NIN show, though, because they played more songs that I liked.

I played hockey on the same team as Jake at Monday night drop-in last week.  He is a very strong skater, despite having one leg.  I'll never forget the first time I saw him about two years ago when he went blazing by me on the ice at a public skating session and I noticed that he skated kinda funny. . . then I saw that one of his legs is plastic and was thoroughly speechless for about five minutes.  He's a cool kid and his dad is a great guy.  His brother is also a very strong hockey player.

Subject: USA vs Canada game to benefit Jake Brown

As many of you may know, Jake Brown (once a Saint, always a Saint), has made the USA Hockey Amputee team and is travelling to Riga, Latvia to play in the Amputee World Championships. Jake is a freshman at Oak Park High School and is only 15 years old. What an accomplishment ! If you didn't know, we are having a charity hockey game, benefiting Jake and his family, so he and the Brown family can make the trip to Latvia. The game was scheduled for April 15th, but because of a shortage of players (ex blades players, college players, etc) on the Easter Weekend, we have re-scheduled the game for Saturday, April 22nd. The game will be played at Line Creek at 7:00pm. The game is being sponsored by KC Hockey, LLC. Donations will be accepted The front door on the night of the game. Come see some great players, playing for a great cause!! (the teams will be made of ex-NHL players, ex-AHL and IHL players, former KC Blades, ex NCAA division 1 players and other standout players from the area. Jake Brown will be playing for the USA Team).

Dan Smith CAM, CAO, CAP

Line Creek Ice Arena Manager

Kansas City Parks and Recreation

816-513-0761 816-505-1521 f.

I'm definitely going to donate, whether I make it to the benefit game or not.  It should be a really fast game and fun to watch.

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  1. They'll need that charity game to go to Latvia was DAMNED expensive in Riga.  I hope that the powers that be encourage the local cabbies and such to be on good PR behavior cause when I was there in 2004 foreigners were fair game.