Friday, April 7, 2006

Dead legs, scallion mulch, and speed shop.

Yeah. Today, my trapezius muscles were hating. 80 pound dumbells shrugs will be easier next time, though. Today was my quadriceps workout. I nearly puked. Pushing up 12 plates on the leg press sled device of self torture took all the wind out of my sails. Plus, I supersetted those with 20 rep leg extensions at half my max to keep the muscles warm, and lots of stretching. THAT is why I split my quadricep and hamstring workout onto separate days. If I had done my hamstring workout subsequently, I surely would have hurled.  Since I've been benched on Tuesday night hockey, I didn't play this week and my legs were really ready for some tough work.  I'm an alternate in the invite-only game, but I could still play in the Tuesday night "D-League" game at Line Creek and work on my passing.  That game is slow enough that I can recover in less than a day.

The mowing season has begun. My yard looks good. It smells like scallions instead of cut grass, though. A lot of wild onions sprang up during the mild winter.  Mowing shouldn't make one salivate, but when the bermuda grass starts really getting green it'll crowd them out.  Yes, I've tasted them.  They're very strong.  You could season two pounds of hamburger with just one stalk, I think.

I helped Rich clean out his garage, which I'll be using to change the engine and turbo on my Jetta.  And I've been shopping for the right engine.  The learning curve is significant.

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