Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend ready!

I catch myself having conversations with people at the gym facing the mirror instead of their face.  When I catch myself doing this, I then turn and face them, because it seems slightly, uh, not "rude". . . less friendly to speak toward the mirror.

Why is this good?

Anyone with editing skills can do that.  I kept expecting it to get funny.  Feeling a laugh coming on and then not is worse than feeling a sneeze coming on . . . or an orgasm coming on . . . and then nothing.  Very frustrating, really dumb video.  Wow--what people do with their down time.  I remember having that kind of time.  I wish there was a big store where I could go buy back all the time I wasted during the summers when I was young.  Maybe that's a business of the future. . . or the past.  If someone wants to come to me and buy some of their wasted time, I'd gladly take their money.  Maybe I should set it up and see if there are any takers, like selling swamp land or your name in the star registry or something.  If someone wanted to buy back an entire wasted 3 years lost to a pointless relationship, I'd have to charge quite a bit to be able to handle that kind of request.  If someone just wanted, say, the hours they've wasted at left turn stop lights when there's no oncoming traffic for miles. . . I can surely help them out.  A fancy certificate awarding you your time back would be nice.  So, I'm just looking at advertising and printing costs.  The eleven hundred hours you spent playing Tetris, I can award that back to you for $20.  Maybe even a line of t-shirts and ball caps.  The crowd that would be buying this product, definitely wear ball caps.  I think we've all wasted time.  The waiting room at the dentist office reading People magazine?  Complete waste.  Americans Idle?  Complete waste.  Have you ever seen those life expectancy clocks, where you put in your age and they tick backwards from a life expectancy of 75 years or so and it motivates you like nothing else.  I saw one that ticks in hundredths of a second so you can watch your life tick away quickly.  Morbid?  Maybe.

Monday is a training day for me on our fancy wireless inventory control system, so it'll be an easy day.  The same training was offered today, but I never take training on the first available day.  I let them work the kinks out of the presentation before I take it.  A coworker is logging onto the meeting now, and I was commenting.  He says he takes training on the first day so he has an excuse, like "They didn't cover that when I took the training."  It's mostly review, but I have a ton of questions.  I'd rather get the max benefit.  The meeting started and they're working out technical difficulties already.  The leader is telling everyone how to turn off their pop-up blocker to see the slides.  So typical.

I'm picking up a tux after work.  I have a dress rehearsal tomorrow to prepare for Sunday's community choir performance of Haydn's "The Creation".  I found out the rehearsal is over by noon, so I can work out at 12:30 tomorrow.  I'm working hammies for sure, then a biceps reprise.  I'm hitting biceps twice a week, since they're lagging.

Metro Walk & Run is the next stop tonight.  Rich wants some good shoes to prevent shin pain following lots of "treadmiles".  I know about shin pain.  It's not to be ignored.  I found that massage is beneficial, but good fitting shoes are the fix. 

There's a crew of very good tournament poker players organizing a blitz on the poker room at Ameristar tonight.  I think I'll go play for a while just to witness.  They're not colluding, but seeing just how well they can do collectively against the ploppy drunk weekend players who show up out there.  I'm intrigued.

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