Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strength gains.

I sort of impressed myself tonight with eight 55-pound plates on each side of the leg press machine (880 pounds).  I got 10 reps up with a spot on the last two.  Friday I was doing shoulder presses with 50 pound dumbells, which is also new territory.  Chest presses with 100 pound dumbells is next.

I'm sorta glued to the SciFi channel tonight watching the Dune mini-misery which won't end.  I think they're on the third book at this point.  I think I only ever read the first two.

I just finished a book, How I Retired at 26! by Asha Tyson.  I didn't grow up black, poor, abused, neglected, or homeless, so I guess I can stop bitching.  The girl is wise beyond her years, and I gotta hand it to her.  She has the right attitude and some excellent advice.


  1. I got one and half reps on the 100-pound dumbell chest press.  I'll get a full set of those next time.

  2. Are you sure you didn't grow up any of those things?  lol