Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The past few days.

I had a semi-relaxing on-call weekend. I got called a couple of times on Friday night to help the FBI setup some wiretaps to find some missing kids in Milwaukee, but it was otherwise pretty quiet. I played hockey Sunday night with my cell phone in the bench area, just in case work called. Since I play for the Whiteman Bombers, and half the team is off doing readiness drills getting ready to threaten Iran, we got slaughtered. I stopped looking up at the scoreboard after it was 8 to 0. I got some shots, but their goalie is catlike. They ought to move him up a league. Monday was typical and I got a lot done. . . necessarily so. I prepared to upgrade some OC12 links to OC48. I ate. I worked out. I napped. I came back to work at midnight and worked straight through. Now I've had a nasty McDonald's breakfast on this dreary morning. . . but then Rolf called to chat. Long time no see! I must head to OKC to catch up with old friends, especially now that Rus is back in the States.

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  1. You've been crazy busy lately.  You should take some days off from the gym and eat a box of HoHo's and some Girl Scout Cookies.  You should eat 2 giant meals a day, but do a lot of cardio exercise to "burn it off".  Oh and cokes... drink 3 cokes a day.

    Hope that helps.  Hee.