Saturday, July 2, 2005

Nothin' but the rent.

Last night was First Friday, but I skipped the art galleries. I worked out at the gym instead. I needed it.  I met some new people and some old friends at Harry's Country Club, then we went to the Brick.  The Smiths and The Cure cover/tribute bands last night were somewhat good. Some social time to break up the on-call weekend was also good. The attempts at entertainment which followed were a good sign to call it a night.  Temptations is not worth the cover charge.  Some fast food and a get-together at Scott's new apartment was a good way to end it.  It was dawn when I arrived home.

Today, I recovered from being out so late by sleeping a lot, washing laundry, watching TV, and answering my phone repeatedly. Aside from times at other people's houses, I really haven't watched TV for a couple of weeks. I have enough shows recorded on the DVR to waste the entire remainder of the holiday weekend, if I so choose. Meanwhile, I set up new accounting software for my increasingly more complicated property management ventures. I have a move-out and a move-in this weekend.  Over the next few days I have to videotape the condition of the move-out and write a damage invoice, do some painting and mowing on a vacant one, plus some rent collection. The first was yesterday, ya'll. My bank account does this really scary first of the month rents-in, mortgages-out rollercoaster depending what posts first and if all the tenants paid.  My tenants pay, but they tend to pay on their schedule.  I have some cushion, but I rely on these freaks to be as honest with me as I am flexible with them. 
"So, you paid your warrants instead of your rent and you want to pay on the 17th?  Well, you being in jail is no good for either of us, so that'll be okay if you can pay a quarter of the rent now and the late fee with the rest of it."  This software should give me a handle on these situations when they compound and track the tax deductions.  I need 'em.

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