Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Did you belch?

After hockey last night, we had 75 cent tacos at Maloney's in downtown OP. It's at approximately 79th & Floyd. My problem is that you have to drive past Casa Paloma to get there. Four Tuesday tacos and a Coke, $3.66. The price is right.

There was a routing problem last night, and they made me wait up til midnight to fix it. I had to bump up on caffiene, then I couldn't sleep. I was miserable today until I got a nap in. Then I ate some barbecue for dinner. I should have just eaten oatmeal. Q sauce belches are powerfully bad.

The 30 and Over hockey league game tonight was actually a close one. We were down by one point and pulled the goalie at the end.  Then there was a bad pass and they got an empty net goal.  Oh well.  We're getting better, but 0-3 is the record, now. We've played every other team. We're the easy team, as I feared. This game was more fun than the previous two.  We communicated and passed better.  It wasn't as frustrating.  Very fun, in fact.

My new tenant moved in hastily. I have deposit and rent checks in hand. It is a good day.  I had to apologize to her mom when I showed up tonight to get my stuff out of the garage.  There was no car and no lights, but I knocked and announced myself.  She looked scared half to death until I introduced myself. 

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