Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Sandwiches good. Roaches bad.

Cashew butter and strawberry preserves on stone ground wheat. Some things make life so sweet. I'm awash with irrational happiness. It's probably the sugar rush, or there's an inbound meteor with my name on it.

Today I worked in the OP lab to setup an IP phone network on a bench to test the cable modems with voice ports to troubleshoot the bad ones which are returned. I chatted intermittently with the people who clean the cable boxes and cable modems. The guy in the workstation next to me had some serious cleaning chemicals for the more difficult ones, but there was also a can of industrial strength bug spray. So, I asked the obvious question. Yes, cockroaches like to crawl into warm cable boxes, apparently. In some cities, they have a box outside the warehouse where they fumigate the units before bringing them inside. So, I asked another question. Yes, it is possible to bring a cable box home which is full of roach eggs and thereby infest your home. <shudder>

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