Tuesday, July 5, 2005

I have had a various kind of day.  I took out the trash and called in sick.  I tied up loose ends at work and took it easy most of the morning.  I napped.  I ate.  I felt better.  I still had a fever.  My phone rang like crazy.  I bought some chicken for dinner and ate one piece.  When my appetite returns, I'll eat all of it, I'm sure.  I ran errands to two rent houses.  I collected rent, but when I got to the bank I found that she had included a note and post-dated the check.  Um, that'll cost someone a late fee, then.  I took a drive to get some fresh air and ended up at the ice rink playing 3-on-3 hockey for an hour.  It is difficult to play 3-on-3 at half intensity, but I think I pulled it off without skating like an old man.  I got a few breakaways and played some great defense.  Fun times.  The exercise helped my appetite.  Mmm.  Chicken tastes better cold. . . if you're hungry enough to eat it cold.

I was in a happy mood, until I saw this ad.  It cycled a few times before the image sank in.

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