Thursday, July 7, 2005


My lower lip is recovering nicely from the attack of a distracted hygeinist. If you see Sherry at Complete Care Dental Group on 63rd, give her a hard time for me. Right after she said, "Keep your eyes closed; this stuff splatters," an assistant leaned in and asked her where a particular patient was. Just as she said, "Room one," she got into my lip with the polisher. I cringed and hung in there. She saw blood coming out of my lip and apologized to the point of annoyance. I didn't know it was bleeding. All I could taste was Gritty Grape(TM).  I've had orthodontia.  I know real pain, and that weren't nuthin'.  We laughed about it afterward.  I've been reminded by the occasional straw or pop can that the injury is there.

I thought of an old coworker from the ISP I worked for in 1995.  I left a voice mail for him this afternoon.  He called me back after work and we exchanged anecdotes and laughed like the first time we met. I'm going to have to drive down there and spend some time. He has a tarball of old emails. I'm sure we could peruse those and narrowly avoid dying of laughter. The quirky (to put it politely) characters we worked with were beyond archetype.

I bought a slab of ribs from LC's and a pint of the baked beans which contain more meat than beans.  I sat down with a roll of paper towels, watched music videos on yahoo, and turned the short end into a tall pile of bones.  The long end is in the fridge to be devoured this weekend.  The ribs were not as tender as usual, but the flavor was better than previous.  I took a nap after that.  I feel rejuvenated.

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