Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tune in. Turn on. Zone out.

I slept all morning and had a busy afternoon of work.  After dinner and Six Feet Under and a movie at my brother's house, I came home and played video games.  I love MAME.  I could  only manage 114000 on Robotron 2084 using a Nyko controller with two thumbsticks.  That game requires a great degree of speed and cognizance, but no real mental acuity.  It's all dodge and fire and grab the targets.  I can just zone out on that one.  Now, I'm vainly trying to sleep.  My mom has gall bladder surgery early in the morning.  I hope all goes well there.  I have training at work.  I hope it's not boring.  And lastly, I hope the shuttle launch goes off without a hitch and with three or four working fuel guages.

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