Saturday, July 9, 2005

Hot outside. Hotter inside.

Just as I was settling in last night after having been to the gym and painted at a rent house, my phone bleebleeped. I immediately changed clothes and joined the crew at The Phoenix. Seven of us socialized at the tables set up out on the sidewalk. They weren't piping the music outside, so we went in where it was too hot and too loud, but just as fun. Then I showed them how to find the Shady Lady Lounge. I met a girl who works there who is from Clarksville, Texas. I told her I grew up in Southeast Oklahoma. She said they roller skated in Idabel. I asked, "At the Rocket Roller Rink?" She just about freaked out. The lounge closed and we talked for a long time afterwards. She's traveled to a lot of the same places I have and our tastes are very similar. She's coupled, but she has my number. She's going to introduce me to her sister.

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