Friday, July 15, 2005

MCI to DAL flight illegal?

Okay, so I'm goofing around with airline reservations on my lunch break and I notice that you can't book a flight from MCI to DAL on without stopping somewhere. When you select MCI, DAL disappears off the destination list.  I called to ask why. There is apparently a stupid law that lists only a few states which are allowed to originate flights into Dallas' Love Field. That's why all the Southwest flights stop in Tulsa or Oklahoma City or Austin or Houston on the way to Dallas. So, because our airport is in Missouri and not Kansas, no direct flights to Love. Unbelievable. There's an activist website to repeal the law. No wonder Southwest can turn planes around so fast at the gate. This stupid law has made them get really good at it.

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  1. I looked up MCI on and the edge of the airport is literally four miles from Kansas.  I sent a nice email to Kit Bond about it, too.