Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy, wacky, wild weather.

The Kansas City weather roller coaster is some ride.  It went from 74 and partly cloudy to 37 and raining cats and dogs.  They're predicting snow and 17 degree temps tomorrow.  It was the nicest day all winter, and now it's going to flood, freeze, snow, and drop into the teens.  Who ordered this?

I wouldn't want to try to play hockey in 72 degrees.  I went to an outdoor rink today with Drew and Claire, and the water was a half inch deep in places.  You can't move a puck on water covered ice, but you can skate on that as long as you stop one footed.  A two footed stop means one foot is spraying water on the other leg.  I learned this the hard way and my right skate was full of water.  Claire liked skating in the wet part, because it was more fun when she fell. . . it's like a slip 'n' slide.  Timmay's son, Charlie, is a natural born skater and can skate very fast for 6 years old.  I was skating backwards as fast as I could with him chasing me and he fell face first in the deepest part and slid 30 feet with water spraying everywhere.  It was impossible not to laugh, but I felt partly to blame.  I helped him up, but he's built tough and was unfazed.  Drew laughed when Claire fell in the water.  Seconds later, he fell in the water on his back!  He said it was karma, so when she fell again, he didn't laugh.  I laughed at him, and I didn't fall.  I found a diamond ring in the parking garage.  So much for karma.

The warm-up skate was good for my game.  We had a great win tonight.  It was good to have two full lines show up.  It made for a fun game.  And our goalie played well.  Furthermore, we were up by two points in the last period and their team made stupid penalties out of frustration, which pretty much sealed it.


  1. thegirlnexdoor77March 2, 2008 at 9:13 PM

    I hear ya....I am in the Wichita area and it is crazy...enjoyed the warmer weather for a moment..sure hope the snow don't come here..have a good week!  TerryAnn

  2. You were here for our only "snow" this year....remember the flakes falling while you were getting ready to leave that never made it to the ground?  I shouldn't laugh, they are saying we MAY have snow showers tonight after a huge rain over night.  Bad Karma to laugh if Drew is correct.  

  3. OOPS!  Just over 5 inches.