Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Look ready!"

It's the usual problem I have on Tuesday night after playing hockey.  I can't sleep.  Too much adrenaline.  It's much more intense than the Sunday night game.  I got more shots on goal, more passes, and I'm way out of my league on Tuesdays, but I'm playing with guys who have played their whole lives.  I get free coaching, and that's worth it right there.  A lot of the guys who play on Tuesdays are coaches and referees and former (or current) college players.  They have great advice.  Tonight I learned that the defense men won't pass to me unless I have both hands on my stick and "look ready", so I have something to work on next week.  I made very few mistakes tonight.  One guy who plays for Iowa State was on my line.  It was fun watching him play.  On the other hand, a slap shot from my teammate nearly took my head off.  I put my stick in front of my face and the puck hit my stick.  There were comments that being hit in the face by that shot could have ended my career.  Yikes.  The only time I was ever as scared is when I wasn't wearing any chest protection and a puck hit me just below the sternum.  If it had broken my sternum, I could have bled internally.  That reminds me.  I need a new chest protector.  Money is tight this month, so it'll have to wait a couple of weeks.  In all, my only permanent injury from hockey is a little tiny scar by my right eyebrow.  I still have all my teeth.

This month is the perfect storm on the money front.  I have a bathroom remodel at one house, a plumbing leak inside the wall at another house, every tenant payed late, I have expense reports in excess of $2500 which are owed to me by the company I work for, and I have a legal bill because I'm doing an eviction.  I had way more money going out than coming in, and I couldn't have forecast it.  I knew it was going to be bad, but I got the bills paid.  Consequently, at one point this month my bank account was negative over seven hundred bucks.  I thought they were going to harass me and make me feel shame, but they just charged some crazy fees and sent me a few notices.  I passed the fees on to my tenants for the most part.  I'm not wasting one minute turning in expense reports going forward.  If I get a receipt, it's going into the system as soon as possible.

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