Monday, March 10, 2008


The Wall Street Journal keeps using the word Obamanomics.  They should just say abominable economics.  His spendy fiscal agenda exceeds $300 billion.  That's even more than Hillary's agenda (by 36%)[ref.].  If he gets elected, we'll be out of the frying pan and into the fire.  If a presidential candidate is talking about monkeying with the economy and it doesn't involve a tax cut, I'm not really interested in hearing about it.  I'm in a tax bracket which is abusive.  In 2007, I paid more in taxes than the 2006 median income per household member [ref.].  Not just a little more; I could have bought a new car with the difference.  I'm a frequent visitor to the National Taxpayers Union website.  When you read about the tax money that is completely wasted, while you're having to budget to make the money they didn't take last until the next payday, it's truly sickening.

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  1. AMEN.  It is disgusting when you think about it.  We get to keep 62% (probably more than you), then pay tax on our phone services, purchases (except Rx), cars, property (almost 5K), not to mention more than 10% to church/charity.All boiled down, I think we have about 33% spendable income.