Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you will join with me as we try to change it." - - Barack Obama

Thanks for forwarding that, mom.  It could just as well have been George W. speaking, though.  I wonder if the campaign trail wears a person down, so they just start babbling.  I notice that they hit all the hot topics in these speeches to get applause, but in the end, they never really give you their philosophy.  It's like candidates' brains become disengaged and their speeches resemble PowerPoint slides.  But if you boil it down, Obama wants to upgrade our infrastructure, which is already happening at the state level as states compete for industry.  Besides that, he doesn't have anything new to say.  And when he starts talking about the tax structure, I become very afraid.  His tax reform ideas actually make it more complicated.  And the IRS is just going to tell you how much tax you owe, instead of people preparing tax returns.  Oh, boy, I'm sure that'll work out great.  In reality, for our country to become competitive again, we need to get rid of the IRS.  It is an illegal organization and needs to be disbanded.  Sales taxes work better.  Let Wal-Mart and Conoco do the paperwork.  I'll pay my taxes at the point of sale to my state, where it can be apportioned to the Federal government.

There is no U.S. statute requiring you to pay taxes on wages for labor.  It is purely voluntary.  Obama seeks to make it involuntary, even though I believe he has no constitutional ground on which to stand.

Watch this more exhaustive video on the topic:

or this one, which is the raw evidence, with every citation from the regulations, statutes, and the Constitution which show that the amounts you have been volunteering as your "taxable income" or "gross income" on your 1040 under penalty of perjury has been wrong all along (although the 861 argument has not stood up in court, it is helpful to understand how these rules relate to each other):

Here's a rebuttal to that video:

NOTE:  I'm still researching.  I find these opinions interesting, but I'm sure it takes some hefty legal fees to defend oneself against tax evasion, as the IRS sees it.

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