Sunday, March 16, 2008

The process works.

I've been reflecting on what happened yesterday at the Jackson county Republican caucus.  I think nine tenths of politics is showing up. . . and sticking around.  I saw some people who thought their power was earned and not given decide not to play and take their ball and go home.  It really is your civic duty to attend these type of meetings, or shut up and take what they give you on the ballot and the party platform.  This stuff is changeable.  I watched it happen.  Many proposals were made, up and down votes were taken, and I watched the landscape of Republican politics changing before my eyes.  Some feelings got hurt, but nobody bled.  Nobody had to storm the Bastille.  In the end everyone (who stayed) shook hands and left having made a unified decision.  We have an awesome process in this country, but it requires some participation.

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