Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Penny Postcards by County

I stumbled upon a website with postcards organized by geography.  It's interesting to see how these neighborhoods looked fifty or a hundred years ago.  The towns around my birthplace were merely train stations, grain elevators, coal bins, and cotton gins.  Kansas City had streetcars and many of the landmark skyscrapers are still around.  The 1908 flood in Kansas City must have been a lot like Katrina for New Orleans.


  1. Thanks for the postcard link....  pretty cool.  I enjoyed reading your last few entries.  Amen to your views about taxes!

  2. I found an eBay store with postcards organized by state, but not broken down by county:

    The content is pretty interesting.  It spans a hundred years of history.  I'm intrigued by the high schools on postcards.  I guess they were pretty nice public buildings in their time.  The ones they make now mostly look like crap.  You wouldn't want them on a postcard by any stretch.