Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not so bad.

Okay, Tuesday night hockey weather wasn't bad after all.  27 degrees is tolerable.  The wind put the chill on a few times, especially skating into it, but I can deal with 27.  The former Purdue players were there, John and John.  One works for Black & Veatch and the other works for Openwave.  Both are good hockey players.  One is small and fast and wears the number 19.  He reminds me of Joe Burton who played for Oklahoma City all those years.  He plays like him, too.

Rolf is in town.  I was playing hockey when he arrived and crashed out.  I'm being intentionally very quiet and not blaring some music, as is typical.  The housekeeper will be here tomorrow. :-)  That means I have packed up any loose laundry into bags for dropping off for the Korean lady to wash and fold. . . so it's out of the housekeeper's way.  They don't do dishes or laundry, and they won't vacuum where clothes are strewn.  They vacuum and dust and scrub all the floors, sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.  I got the dishes done and the sink clear except for one pan, in which I roasted some chicken earlier.  Mmmm, Chicken Chili!  I ate it all.  I'm going to try Turkey Chili next time and leave out half the beans.  I bought chickens at the market from a farmer who raised them.  Sho' nuff delicious.  Range chicken tastes way better than caged birds from the grocery store.  Fresh is good.

I like the new pizza place, Spin, which opened in Lees Summit (on Chipman).  Apparently, it's a local chain now.  They use fresh ingredients and their thin crust is awesome.  Yeah, I went way off the diet just to try it.  I wonder if the location in Overland Park is as good.  They sent me this email and some login credentials for their online frequent flyer program.  (My emphasis in red.)

Dear Charles,

Welcome to the SPIN! Club!
We're so happy you joined your fellow SPIN! Pizza lovers. As a member you can earn many rewards including:  
  • Every 13th pizza free (same with salads, sandwiches and flatbreads)
  • $5 gift voucher every $120 you spend
  • Monday Carry-Out Special (buy 2 or more pizzas, get one free)
  • Free Gelato every 6th visit
  • Seasonal Promotions


Thanks for being a SPIN! Club Member.  We try to give you great benefits with as little hassle for you as possible.
We hope you are taking full advantage of your SPIN! Club Membership. Sometimesour hosts get busy and forget to ask if you are a member. Remember, you do NOT need your number in the restaurant, only to access your record online. All you need to do is give us your name and we'll take care of the rest.
Ci Vediamo (See you soon!)
Your friends at SPIN!
SPIN Neapolitan Pizza | 6541 W. 119th Street | Overland Park | KS | 66209

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