Saturday, February 23, 2008


The workouts (and eating 5 or 6 meals a day) are paying off.  17" arms, going on 18.  Each week, I'm doing two back workouts, a shoulder day, a chest day, an arm day, and two leg workouts a week, plus ice hockey two nights.  I'm stronger and faster, and it feels great.  I'm not trying to become a neckhead, but the idea of entering a natural bodybuilding competition in a couple of years is not out of the question.

The downside is that my clothes don't fit.  My shirts are tight through the chest and in the sleeves.  In fact, my thighs are getting so hard, I only have a few pairs of pants that still fit.  When I was in Chicago the first week of the month, I had a massive blowout  when bending down to read a label on a cable under a desk.  I had destroyed my favorite slacks.  Luckily, this happened at the end of the day.  Luckily, I had a long overcoat to put on.  Additionally, my favorite jeans now have a hole in the crotch.  My last pair of unripped jeans no longer fit comfortably, and if I put them on, I can't get anything into the pockets.  Another pair of slacks has a nice hole in the outseam right below the pocket.  This rip developed when I put my cell phone in my pants pocket and stepped up into the Jeep.   I also ripped the stitches out of the inner thigh of my formerly loose workout pants.  These days, it appears that I'll have to buy 38 inch pants, even though my waist is 34, because they're the only ones that fit in the thigh or through the hips with enough room for a Castanza wallet and Smartphone in the pockets.  Or I need to splurge for some tailor made stuff.


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    Wow!  Calm down Hulkster!

  2. Maybe it is time to back of the increases and maintain the muscle.  Quite frankly, you look great just the size you are.  I would rather you not have excessive muscle.  It reaches a point that it looks inhuman to me and you aren't there yet.  JMO