Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michigan. . . in winter. . . not fun

Today, too many things went wrong and I missed my return flight to KC out of Detroit and I had to move my return flight to tomorrow.  I quickly booked a hotel using my laptop and phone-as-modem from the airport.  Too bad I had already returned the rental car.  Consequently, I ended up tagging along with some flight attendant types on the hotel shuttle to a local "bar and grille" called Wheat 'n' Rye for some massive sandwich called Superbird, which turned out to be a chopped chicken hoagie with an entire salad on top served with a single serving size plastic packet of thousand island dressing for the exhorbitant price of $6.75.  One of the swishier flight steward types told tale of how they'd order that, scrape half the chicken into a styro go box, put it in the crash pad fridge, and make sandwiches out of it for the next couple of meals.  After working through lunch in hopes of actually making my flight, I needed massive food.  In retrospect, I would have prioritized my day differently.  It was just too much work for one person in one day, really, even skipping meals.  I should have hit the important items and headed out an hour or so sooner.

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  1. trust me, winter SUCKS here-- you had one day of michigan winter, imagine a whole season of it. . .

    ty for being the number one random blog of the day. . .so nice to read someone who can actually write and/or is not a 13 year old.

    come visit the rant anytime.