Monday, February 25, 2008

More snow?

It really is snowing again?  This winter is unrelenting with the snow!  Just when it is nearly all melted, it snows again.  I knew the weather would go bad again for Tuesday night hockey.  It's been really cold out there some nights with single digit temps and below zero wind chill factors.  Someone took pictures of us at the outdoor rink (and warming up by the fire between periods), so here they are:

You know it's time to pause and warm up when there's frozen sweat on your jersey and frozen snot on your mustache (flavor saver flavorsicle, a snack for later).  After you start sweating in those temperatures, steam is rising from all your sweaty areas.  Every breath leaves a trail of steam.  By the end of the game you can't feel your ears, feet, or face.

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