Friday, April 18, 2008

Suspending the Gas Tax

I read about how John McCain's economic plan includes suspending the gas tax between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  They tried to pass something like this in Texas last year, but it was quashed on the Senate side after the House unanimously passed it.  The only people against it are the people who get this earmarked transportation money, the road builders.  The price of everything goes up when gas prices go up, so the reasons they give in this press release seem like a small price to pay for getting a smaller price to pay for everything that's transported by taxed gasoline.

Boo hoo.  I'm for repairing and upgrading highway infrastructure, but I think the states can handle paying the bill if the Federal Highway Trust Fund is missing a few months of gas tax revenue.  And the argument that gas tax relief will cause car accidents is quite a stretch.

One of their reasons is highway congestion wastes gas.  It's a bit ironic that most of the congestion I experience is due to lane closures in construction zones, for which the road builders are responsible.

18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline is Federal gas tax.  Who knew?  Ouch.  Diesel tax is 24.4 cents.  That's wacky.  Diesel cars are less polluting than petrol cars.  This disparity in the fuel tax rates encourages pollution.

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