Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Deal, er, Missouri Promise

Jay Nixon, who is running for Governor of Missouri, has proposed a plan where potential college students who show a need, commit to 50 hours of community service, keep their grades up, and avoid disciplinary action, get 100% of their tuition paid out of state coffers.  I guess it's like the G.I. Bill, but you only have to do 50 hours of community service instead of military service.  It's not exactly a Pell Grant or a scholarship, per se.  It's not exactly a "work study" program.  Only 50 hours?  I worked pretty hard during the summers, and my dad worked a second job, when I was in college.  50 hours?  So there's an online petition to get this on a ballot or legislative agenda somewhere.  College education is important, and expensive, but should it be free?  I guess nothing is free, so I mean, should taxpayers pay for it?  Is there an age limit on this program?

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  1. Humm.....that it interesting...ofcorse if one of those kids came up with the cure for cancer..it might be worth those tax dollars.  wishing you a good week.TerryAnn