Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hulu to the Rescue

Finding and retrieving torrents of the shows I want to watch has been mostly automated, and only disappointing on occasion.  The main drawback is my internet connection is always sending or receiving video.  I need a second cable modem so I can surf.  The quality and variety of content I can get via torrent is excellent, but I can't always get the hockey games I want.  Today, through some searching, I found what I wanted on Hulu, and it's not HD, but great for streaming video.  Check out some hockey action..

Hulu seems to have mostly Fox and NBC content, in addition to NHL. I'm kinda hooked.  Tonight I watched more Hulu over the internet than I watched MythTV on my local media server.  Hated the ads, but love the ease of finding what I want to see.  If it had the Viacom content, Hulu would hold my attention over the torrent content.

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