Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go Lakotah!

My buddy at work, Joe, was upset on Friday because his son got detention for saying the word "gun" at school.  I said, "no way!"  What is wrong with that?  He and I both grew up in Southeast Oklahoma where teachers were more likely to participate in a discussion of guns than to quash it.  I guess they don't teach the second amendment in that school.  The irony is that Joe's boy was referring to his biceps.  I sent an email to Cam Edwards at NRANews.com in hopes that Joe gets interviewed on the program.  Joe moonlights as a gunsmith, so I'm sure he would.  I discovered the show on Sirius 144 and now I listen when I can.

In December, the Lakotah tribe renounced their treaties with the United States and declared their independence based on the United States' violation of those treaties.  In the not so near future the western 50 million acres of South Dakota which is owned by the tribe may be recognized by the State Department as a separate nation.  I think that they will become the richest nation on our continent, because they are free from the Federal Reserve system of banking, which dilutes our money, and free from oppressive taxation.  They, like Canada, will borrow protection from the United States military because of location.  The Black Hills is rich in resources.  Because of all of that, international investors are pouring tons of money into the Republic of Lakotah.  These Native Americans are putting up windmills to become energy independent.  They are attracting talented professionals who are renouncing their U.S citizenship to work without having their income taxed.  How it would expose the problems in the United States if a truly free country were to emerge within its borders by following the model of our founding fathers.  I'm going to keep an eye on this story.  They are already issuing drivers licenses and passports.  When will they print their own money?  I wonder if they will be socialist or have strongly enforced property rights.  What kind of constitution will they draft?  Will it be in their native language or English?  Will the liens they are placing on illegally homesteaded property be honored in court?  Will the fight escalate outside of court if they lose?  Will people who own property in the Black Hills be compensated if their land was obtained in violation of a treaty?  Which U.S. allies will recognize their sovereignty?

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  1. Hi, I'm a random person. I saw your post on the website thing and thought I'd read.

    The Lakotah's... interesting tribe. I'm proud that they are doing that. My grandfather is Cherokee. I know the pain and sorrow that has touched each tribe from when explorers began to come here. I'm glad that the Lakotahs are taking action. The other tribes should follow in their footsteps.

    It's ridiculous that your friend's son got detention for saying gun in school. That is crazy. I'm glad my school isn't that strict.

    Take care.