Monday, April 14, 2008


I found out today that I can get "buy one get one" Royals tickets on select dates because I paid my Jackson County personal property tax.  Info here.  Nice.

It's a boring day at work, so I'm doing paperwork.  I hate make work that fills in the gaps between the real work.  If you ask why enough times, someone will admit that the government requires it.  Fine.  It's easier than actual work, but it's all overhead, because I get paid the same to be unproductive as I do to be productive.  Our client's don't want to do the government regulation paperwork, which is one reason why they outsource their IT stuff in the first place.  There seems to be a philosophy of "if it's not written down, it didn't happen."  I mean, we have a Fifth Amendment that says you don't have to give the government information about yourself, but nobody who is beholden to a government regulating body seems to recognize that.  If the government wants to come check the network out, they're welcome, really.  Since the network is used in the manufacture of a drug, I can sign documents all day to that affect, which don't make it any more or less true.  The end result is I've wasted a lot of time and paper so some FDA auditor can check a box.  It's a big game.  I know why drugs are so expensive, though.  Refer to my pay stub.

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