Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NHL Hits of the Week

Jim got a cut on his eyelid during our Tuesday night hockey game a couple of weeks ago when his face met someone's stick, and he finished playing the last half of the game, before going to have his eye checked.  He showed up Tuesday night with a new helmet with a visor to protect his face.  I've been skating without face protection, but I'm putting a cage on my helmet today.  His cornea covering was actually injured.  He said they had to grind his eyeball.  Yow.  I wonder how long that takes to heal?  Anyway, I've decided face protection is no longer optional.

I subscribe to these NHL top 10 videos every week.  This latest video of NHL hits starts out slow.  I think I've been hit harder.  But, the last few are fun to watch.

I found out that I owe a taxes for 2007 because of some rules specific to Sprint's 401k plan.  When I quit that job in 2006, my 401k loan which I used to buy my Jeep accelerated, and I couldn't make the payments, not because I didn't try, but because once you're not an employee, there's no paycheck for withholdings, which is the only payment method the plan accepts unless you pay the entire principle in one payment.  They returned my money, the loan defaulted, and it appears as an early withdrawal which has tax penalties.  If I could do it all over, I would have rolled my previous 401k funds into an IRA, which I could access and repay without being penalized.  I thought I'd have enough deductions to cover the penalty.  Nope.  It could be worse.  Check out this video.

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