Monday, July 31, 2006

Latex snot

I noticed that Midge put her trash out before I got home tonight.  I just checked.  The 'coons have already partaken.  And I saw one of them leaving the scene as I stepped out my front door.  My ex-roomate left some animal traps.  I'm thinking hat.

I got a lot of painting done.  Most of painting involves taping off what you don't want painted.  I was working with an Airlessco LP540.  I mean to tell you, if you failed to mask something when you hit a wall with that sprayer, it got coated.  That thing puts the equivalent of 2 coats of paint on as fast as you can swing it.  My taping to painting ratio was about 3 hours taping to less than an hour with the Airlessco paint sprayer of death and doom.   I will never use a paint roller on a ceiling again without first seeking out one of these things.  It could rock and roll.  I rented a generator to run that beast, because there's no electricity at that house right now.  I used so little gas, they considered it full when I returned it.  Then I spent another hour of cleaning, sanding, and scraping the overspray off of things, including myself, then another couple of hours cutting in the edges of things and around windows with a small paint brush.  After I put in a few more hours on the task tomorrow, I will have painted an entire house by myself.

I was having a fresh air and water break on the back deck of the vacant house and noticed flying insects coming in and out of a seam in the siding above a light fixture.  I looked closer and found they're little bees.  I entertained myself by putting a piece of masking tape over said seam, blocking the entrance to the hive.  In a few minutes, there was a nice big swarm of bees who were locked out of the house.  They were slowly eating the tape.  I expect them to have eaten their way in or out by the time I go back tomorrow to hit them with some bug spray.  How big of a honeycomb could be inside of a garage wall behind a light fixture?

When I got home, I took a long shower to get the bits of overspray that had stuck to every exposed hair on my body.  Even my eyelashes had the frosted look.  I looked like Old Man Winter or more like I had been hunting caribou than painting a house.  The steam in the shower loosened up my sinuses, and I had been wearing a mask most of the time, but gobs of whitelatex semi-gloss came forth from my nose.  It was disgusting.

The unique thing today--I discovered that banana flavored protein powder tastes really good in a bowl of cream of wheat.  I hate it otherwise, and may never purchase banana flavor again.

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  1. I mix in a real banana with vanilla flavored protein powder and milk for my morning shake.  It's very good.