Thursday, July 6, 2006

Don't sit out.

I played in a couple of free online Omaha tournaments to get a feel for the game.  I didn't last long in my first attempt.  In my second tourney, I outlasted over half of the players, but got busted when my set of kings got beat by a straight (ace to five) which I simply didn't see coming.  Most people will play aggressively to double their stack early, then sit out the first part of a tournament to wait for better playing conditions.  Ironically, even this guy whose screen name is "dontsitout" will sit out when there's a big chip stack bullying the table.

Last night I finished 13th out of 5470 players in a regular hold'em tournament.  Too bad it was only for play money.  An extra $8500 would be nice right now.

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