Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Certs isn't just candy

I passed the CCNA exam with only a couple of hours of refresher reading and practice exams.  Now, I'm reading some dry network material into the wee hours in hopes of soaking in enough jargon and theory to pass more certification exams.  I'm tired of explaining to recruiters that I let all my professional certifications expire whilst holding the same job for seven years.  I mean, if you have a steady job, you don't need 'em. . . until you don't have a steady job.  Then you apparently have to have them or you just don't get called back very often.  I'm taking donations at this point.  These tests are pricey.  The same ironic theme of finally having the time to do something, but no money to do it keeps recurring.  I almost prefer it to the opposite problem.  Anyone wanna sponsor my trip to CCIE boot camp?  I'll make your money back in the first year, easily.  The average CCIE makes $104,000 annual salary.

If I'm up this late, I usually open a window and let some cool air in.  Ha!  It's the middle of the night and it's still almost 90 degrees outside.  It's gonna be a scorcher tomorrow.  That's okay.  I have plenty of reading to do.


  1. How much would this "sponsorship" cost?  Is it local? Or in CA?

  2. It's 8/14-8/18 in Plano, TX.  $2995 plus travel and hotel.

  3. If you want to study together, I'm game.  I have to recertify my CCNP by January 12th, 2007 or pass the CCIE written exam.

    Oh... new supplement plan on my blog...