Tuesday, January 24, 2006


See what I have to deal with every day on the way home?  http://www.kcscout.net/snapshots/M070EBC-20.jpg  <-- There's a nasty snarl there where everyone getting off of I-435 onto I-70 eastbound merges onto the already congested I-70 and it goes from 4 lanes down to 3.  My lane is usually going 20 miles an hour or less, if it's not at a full stop.  The good part about that is I only have to travel about a mile in the really heavy stuff after I get onto I-70 and my exit has its own lane, so as soon as the slowpokes merge over, I have a clear shot.  I've been known to drive on the shoulder there, but I try not to make a habit of it.  It's slightly easier than taking surface streets and dealing with the nutty stop lights and speed traps on this side of town, though.

Yesterday, I did an abbreviated shoulder workout instead of the usual chest/bicep workout to make time for community choir.  I got recruited because they needed more bass/baritone types.  I have to say, Haydn's "The Creation" is not the easiest.  He switches from major to minor every couple of bars in some spots, and sometimes more frequently than that.  The rest of the bass section had already practiced it three times and I jumped in and sight-read most of it for the first time.  It was rough, but that's what rehearsal is for.  It was fun, nonetheless, and more productive and social than watching cable.  So, tonight, it's chest/biceps. . . then drop-in hockey at 8:40.  I'm glad my night maintenance tonight got canceled.

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