Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poker gravy

The uniqueness award today goes to the characters at the Texas Hold 'Em 3-6 kill table at Harrah's. Yeah. I took their money. I took money from the talker to my left. I took money from the drunk old man to the left of the dealer. I took money from the striped shirt guy who smirked when he was bluffing. I took money from the guy in the denim jacket who couldn't catch a break. I think if some of those people hadn't gone broke and left, I could have sat there and made my mortgage payment. Once you know how to calculate the odds of winning each poker hand in your head quickly, you can outplay most folks. Plus, I had a read on over half of them. One guy would shift his eyes to the side if he had good cards. One guy would toss his chips with a frown and put his hand on top of his cards if he had a nice hand. The guy to my right virtually showed me his hold cards on every hand when he was peeking at them. Easy gravy!  The other side of that coin is that my pocket queens wouldn't hold up when someone would play pocket aces with no pre-flop raise.  <shrug>  It was kinda psycho.

1 comment:

  1. That was a good night of cards.  I'm glad you're reading the Small Stakes Hold Em book.  It's high quality.