Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Extreme Combat

I've seen King Kong now and completely dug that movie.  Check your brain at the door, because it proceeds like a comic book series.  The beginning was compelling, the middle was like five action movies in one, and the ending was a fine example of anthropomorphism and tragedy.

Saturday night, I found myself in Westport again.  I originally went for Mediterranean food a la Jerusalem Bakery.  I have frequent cravings for the buffet there.  There was an announcement on the radio about cage fighting at the Beaumont Club.  Since I had been to see fights there before, I knew where to stand for a good view, and I happened to be in the neighborhood.  The place was crowded.  The matchups for the first few bouts were bad.  They lasted under a minute.  No knockouts, just submissions.  Later, though, I was impressed by the local Jiu Jitsu fighters.  In one particular fight, however, one of the fighters was being choked and he didn't tap out, he blacked out.  He woke up a few minutes later and was able to stagger out of the cage, but I think if he were experienced, he would have known when to tap out.  There were two title fights at the end which were excellent.  Both ended in three rounds with submission victories, but not before a lot of punches were thrown and several impressive takedowns.  I'll definitely be going back on March 11 to see more. www.adrenalineextremecombat.com

Ohgr, whose electronic music is retro and edgy, when entered into the artist or song field on Pandora.com yields a lot of music which appeals to me. 

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