Sunday, January 29, 2006

Feminal emergency

While clicking through a list of bizarre products available on the internet, I found the Feminal, a portable urinal for women. <shudder> I got a mental picture of a Large Marge trucker mama with this thing wedged between her thighs letting it flow at 70 MPH on some remote stretch of interstate highway. I don't disapprove, but why the two for $24 special price? Because women tend to go to the bathroom in pairs? One for the car and one for the boat? Mother/daughter special? I also pictured an inconsiderate chauvinist type driving on a long trip and pulling one of those out from under the seat when his wife asks to stop for a pee break. I'm thinking this is a terrible gift idea and something a lady should buy for herself based on a very specific need. A private pilot?  An avid golfer and coffee drinker?  I digress.

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