Thursday, January 5, 2006

It's alive!

My roommate who has been AWOL since mid-November emerged from "some legal trouble in California", which I call prison, to retrieve his things and pay his December rent.  So, he and his brother just left with a truckload of stuff.  Apparently, he and his ex agreed to let his daughter come back to Kansas City with him, until he showed up to pick his daughter up, then the ex and her cop friend got in his face to tell him what a bad father he was.  I'd say he got ambushed.  I'd be mad, too.  California is a long drive.  <shrug>  I had surmised that since he wasn't answering his cell phone for over a month that he was either in a coma, dead, in jail, or sold into slavery.  I assumed that if he was dead, his brother might show up at some point for his things. I had actually considered starting to auction some of his stuff on eBay to make up for the missing December rent, but an ultimatum on a cell phone voice mail isn't exactly a legal agreement.  He's gone missing before for shorter periods, but usually he'd leave a note.  This time, he just disappeared and his dog went unfed for a couple of days before his brother came by to get her while I was at work.  I just need to turn the entire downstairs into a disco and have a huge party, I think.  Actually, having a basement apartment with a separate entrance and driveway is ideal for guests who would like to come stay with me.  I just need a few days warning to hide the disco lights. :-) 

I have access to a sauna at Bally's, but I think it would be absolutely luxurious to own even a small one.  They're 50% off if you order them in the winter.  Tax refund?


  1. Woot! Party at Charles place soon???  I'm totally down - Adam and I will bring the inflatable mattresses for people to crash!


  2. I've got a poker table you can add to your "party basement".

    I'm wanting to build a new one for myself, so I'll make you a heckuva deal on the monster table.

  3. I'd rather see a new bed down there.....say at least a queen size.  And maybe move the big sofa down there and put a smaller one upstairs???