Friday, January 27, 2006

MSG, bad. Gym, good.

Before dinner I grabbed a snack and learned that Triscuits give me an MSG headache.  Last night, I was craving sushi, so I went to Jin's to grab some carry-out.  I had seaweed salad, octopus salad, edamame, some very delicious salmon/tuna/yellowtail nigiri, and a salmon and cream cheese roll.  After all of that, I got hungry again and I ate a bowl of flax flakes and the last of my milk.  I was starving, because I had done a leg workout and had nothing to eat all day but a bowl of soup, crackers with peanut butter, and those darned Triscuits.  Kraft and their MSG.  My junk food tolerance is almost nil these days.  I have candy in my house since Christmas which is virtually untouched, except for the fudge.  I polished that stuff off immediately.

Also, I have discovered the power of Cytomax.  If Gatorade is 80's, and Powerade is 90's, Cytomax is the 21st Century!  16 ounces of that stuff and I can do my workout and still have enough energy for a full hour of hockey.  Imagine a sports drink that actually works without the insulin crash.  For real.

It has been another week full of night maintenance and strange network outages and even stranger work hours. I already have two nights planned for next week. I feel a little overwhelmed by work this week, but I've been given a pass to start delegating some of my responsibilities in order to lighten the load and gain ground. It's good to know that help is on the way. The gym is my respite. It keeps things regimented, and pushing some steel around is a great way to destress. Back and triceps today. Shoulders tomorrow. Curling and hockey on Sunday. Chest and biceps again on Monday, before community choir. Hockey on Tuesday night, before night maintenance.  Sorry, Rich, I'm probably going to miss your show. Legs on Wednesday, a nap, then more night maintenance. I'll sleep in on Thursday, for sure.  Maybe I'll catch up on American Idol and relax on Thursday.  This season has been hilarious so far, IMO.  Good editing.  I wouldn't watch it without the ability to fast forward past the marathon commercial breaks, though.  I watched a 2-hour special in 45 minutes.  Everyone needs a DVR.

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  1. That's okay, you saw our show last week.  This will be essentially the same show, but at Mike's Tavern.  We're going to do "Give It Away", but that's the only difference.