Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weekend recap.

I rested on Friday, because I really needed it after working so many split shifts this week. Saturday, I didn't wake up until late in the morning. I made good use of the day by going to the Rennaisance Festival. The freak density was near maximum. I was impressed by the magnitude of the thing. The music and drama was mediocre, but mildly entertaining. I think the jousting was fun to watch, and some of the handmade items for sale were pretty unique. I bought a mirror ball made with colored mirrors arranged in a mosaic pattern. I'll hang it on the back deck near the windows, so it can reflect the morning sun inside. Shiny! I also bought some belts in a "Læther Shoppe" which were hand made in front of me. Made to measure. Very nice.  A lot of the resident Rennaisance Festival participants wore authentic period garb and spoke in some sort of fake accent, which made me squint one eye.  It wasn't recognizable, just odd.  If you wear puffy sleeves, short pants, and rope sandals to Renn Fest, at least remove the bluetooth earbud.  Thanks to Adam (aka Hoss) for driving me out to Bonner Springs to witness the spectacle.

Later, I tagged along with Hoss to a Mr. Olympia watch party at his personal trainer's house.  I felt small in a room full of bodybuilders, but I made a lot of acquaintences, and I learned a lot about the sport by listening to their criticism of the competitors in the show.  Ronnie Coleman is simply a monstrosity.  He won again, but I couldn't tell a dimes worth of difference in the top five competitors.  They're all freaks by choice and I respect that.  I think that was the theme for the day.

After that, Hoss tagged along with me to the gathering.  So many crazy things happened, I wouldn't know where to begin.  The keg floated.  The jello shots were mostly consumed.  I enjoyed socializing on the balcony.  The weather was great.  Hoss took me back to my car, and I went back to the party.  We made a food run to Pancho's, and I had my second Carne Asada Burrito in two days.  Beef, pico, and guac.  Simple and good.  I had more fun than last year, somehow.  They're a fun bunch, though.

On Sunday, I watched TV, ate food, played ice hockey (we won!!), ate food, and watched TV.  Perfect!

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