Monday, October 17, 2005


What a goofy Monday.  I put the trash out, and a pack of neighborhood dogs just loved it.  I had cleaned some items out of the fridge, and they chewed into the trash bags and found every tasty nibble.  Consequently, trash was strewn all over the driveway and a portion of the yard.  Other consequences include the trash men not picking up the stinky remnants or the torn bags and me spending time picking up stinky wet trash and bits of food wrappers which the animals had shredded.  Is it legal to poison stray dogs?  The thought crossed my mind.

I went to work, and the usual on-call dude was given another assignment, so I was asked to volunteer for on-call duty.  Sure!  No split shifts this week!  Aw yayuh!

Through some email box cleanup, I discovered that I had missed OZtoberFEST this past weekend.  I didn't know what it was, until I finally clicked the link.  At first, I thought it might be some sort of Ozzie Ozbourne palooza thingy.  No, it's a Wizard of Oz festival held in Wamego, KS.  That's between Kansas City and Salina, KS.  Judy Garland?  Ruby Slippers?  Live musical performance?  Midget actors?  I wonder if the attendees would have been any scarier than those at the Rennaisance Festival.  I imagine a mix of Judy Garland fans of all shapes and persuasions, their children, a theater going crowd, and some small town farm types looking for something to do.  The late L. Frank Baum is probably looking down in shame at the whole thing.  You doubt me?  Check this out:

"Wamego's main street will be closed during the festival. This several blocks-long venue will host numerous activities for OZtoberFest visitors. Such hilarious hijinks as OZ Jeopardy, Stuff a Scarecrow and Throw a Bucket of Water on the Witch will provide much fun for attendees."

I think I would only attend such a thing if it were free, I was in a group, and if it were close to home. . . or if a tornado carried me there and I could click my heels three times for an immediate escape.  Okay, I'd go if they had real winged monkeys.

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