Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Big ants eat spider larvae. I don't touch.

The ants are eating the spider eggs in the back of my mailbox. When I'm checking my mail, I'm not in the frame of mind to clean spider eggs out of the back of the mailbox, so I'm glad the ants are taking care of business. I just have to brush the ants off the envelopes and keep moving. Mailbox cleaning won't make the to-do list unless something takes up permanent residence there, like the wasps whose nest I pulled out of there last spring.

My invisible roommate paid his October rent, so I have to make it to the bank at some point soon.  I literally haven't seen him for two weeks.  I'll notice that his laundry basket will be moved, his lamp will be on or off, his computer mouse will be in a different position, but he's invisible!

I did night work last night for a few hours. I have night work tonight. And Thursday. And Friday. It's officially vampire week for me.  Not being home at night might be contributing to the fact that I never see my roommate.

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