Monday, October 24, 2005

Boring week. Good weekend.

The highlight of my week was a show on Tuesday night.  Honky is a pretty good band.

It was more or less a typical on-call week.  I did get some social time when the phone didn't ring, but I missed out on one costume party.  So, I don't have anything to report there.  I did get to attend Club Wars, which is a sort of local battle of the bands.  My brother's band came in third, because, well, they got beat by a solid band that sounded like Tool and has a fan following.  It was not surprising, since the competition is ballot based.

Since there was some kind of military exercise at the air force base, over half of the Bombers team couldn't make it to the game. . . so we forfeited.  I went to play some drop-in hockey at the AMF Ice Chateau.  There were only four guys there, so we played 2-on-2 half-rink where goals are scored by hitting the goal post.  I had fun, but 90 minutes of non-stop skating really sapped me.  I had a stitch in my side and my right lung was burning when we finally stopped.  I drank chocolate milk and ate German Chocolate Cake to replenish those glycogen stores.  The practice was very helpful.  I needed the puck time.  2-on-2 is a passing game where you pass to yourself off the boards or cross-ice a lot.  If you skate with the puck too much, you end up exhausted.  Nearly 2 hours of ice time for $10.  That's a bargain.  I'm surprised more people didn't show up, despite the World Series being on TV.

Asian Bird Fru?

Wilma and Alpha and a low in the Midwest may merge to form the perfect storm?

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