Thursday, June 16, 2005

Work day. Sleep day.

Yesterday was just non-stop.  I had a morning meeting with the cable division guys.  The management in our office emerged from behind closed doors and they canned someone, so we spent most of the day either planning to change passwords, or actually changing passwords, on top of the usual work.  And it was already going to be a busy day because of network upgrades in Lees Summit.  After leaving work late, I went home for a quick meal of leftover salmon teriyaki which had to be eaten because I just don't do fish that's been in the fridge past 24 hours.  Then I napped briefly and played hockey until 11.  I scored a goal and had some great chances, otherwise.  Such an exhilerating sport.  I worked all night, too.  So, today I had another surreal graveyard shift kinda day. I actually got off work at 8am. Instead of going home, I went to Wal-Mart. They have 256MB USB flash disk keychains for $15 on clearance. I bought three. One for a friend and two for me. They're already full of music. It's a nice way to transport MP3s for those of us who haven't hopped onto the iPod bandwagon. I'll just stick to MP3 players which take USB flash disks for now. One for the car and one for the gym bag. I enjoyed the 70 degree weather this morning while it lasted and then got some sleep. I woke up very hungry and gorged myself at Foo Kee, my favorite Chinese buffet. I was among friends, so we sat and sipped coffee and jasmine tea until they started locking the doors. Then I went to my brother's house to check in on the family. They're planning to install a new A/C, which I get to fund, since I actually am their landlord.  I can already feel myself sinking into debt this summer.  I need some additional cashflow.  Maybe I'll win the Powerball drawing.  I'd be thrilled with the $100k second prize, even.

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