Thursday, June 9, 2005

I'm busy, as usual.

The unique thing about today. . . is that I worked half the night and slept half the day.  Okay, that's not very unique, but the power was off all night following a downburst which happened while I was away playing ice hockey.  I suffered my on-call shift at the office, since internet by candlelight is just not a thing.  I had network maintenance at 4am, followed by a nap under my desk, where I keep a comforter for just such occasions.  I got outta there when my coworkers started showing up at around 7.  I had a #8 breakfast from McDonald's on the way home this morning and slept on the couch for a while.  The house got kinda hot and I called the power company and heard a recording which said they were aware of the outage and were working to fix it.  I just sweated and tossed and turned until the juice came back on at around noon-twenty.  All those clocks flashing 12:00 are only off by 20 minutes.  Good enough.  Now that I'm fully awake and fed and the house is a tolerable temperature, I have to change into something professional and run to an appointment in Kansas to do a site survey for some new equipment which is being installed.  I also have to generate some reports for a coworker in Milwaukee later.  Yes, it's a unique day. . . scarcely.

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