Thursday, June 9, 2005

Hockey gloves are gross

Well, I did the site survey in OP and bought hockey gloves on the way home. That's a thing I had been putting off since December. I was even given some money at Christmas to buy new ones. I broke down and went shopping because the gloves I have been wearing for the past six years have reached critical grossness. It has been so humid lately that they never got dry since I played a week ago. I can't wash my hands enough after I take them off. Just to see what's growing in there, I submerged one in some warm water and squeezed it a few times. The water turned a very dark greenish brown color. Yeah. Yuck. They need to be burned.  I'm totally happy with the new ones I chose.  I can't wait til they're broken in.  Maybe I can find a way to keep them from developing their own ecosystem without damaging the leather.

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