Saturday, June 18, 2005

Put some greenery on that scenery.

My day went like this: cell phone, car, office, work, car, Kinko's, Olive Garden, Chicken Scampi, car, office, work, car, home, cell phone, shower, car, Kortney's (the sitter), Rich & Lisa's, car, Kauffman Stadium, polish sausage dog, chicken finger basket, 7-0 loss, car, Knuckleheads, car, 18th & Vine, car, Grinders, beer, pizza, car, Shady Lady Lounge, beer, boobies, car, home. The unique part? In about the 6th inning of Astros v. Royals, Kortney called Rich & Lisa to say that she is stuck in their bathroom and the doorknob is broken. They left the game and rescued her while I watched the hopes of a Royals rally diminish completely as the end of the 9th approached. I was picked up along Blue Ridge Cut-Off after the game and we went out to decompress further. I mean, a baseball game is usually enough, but they like to take full advantage of having a sitter. I insisted on avoiding the casino, so I tried to take them to a blues show at Knuckleheads. They weren't down with the high cover or the crowd size, so we motivated southerly toward 18th & Vine.  There was traffic and tight parking because of the Rhythm & Ribs festival, which had quite obviously migrated into the local bars.  We rolled a little further down 18th to Grinders, which is very laid back and rarely crowded and fit the bill. It's great for beer, pizza and sandwiches.  Now, Rich & Lisa have a strange tendency to end up at strip clubs together, if not the casinos.  So, I suggested the Shady Lady.  It is what it is.  Its grittiness, slutty charm, reasonable prices, very relaxed atmosphere, good music, and attentive barmaids make it better than most.  It certainly provides the most holla for the dolla.  They liked it. <shrug>  I just know that I always have.  It's a best-kept secret in KC, because it's best kept a secret.  No cover on weeknights.  In other words, free boobies.  It costs $5 on Friday night, though.  Okay, so here's the secret.  Exit I-70 at Prospect and swerve north and east to 12th & Chestnut.  Find the blue neon. It's open til 3am every night.

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