Friday, August 18, 2006


My efforts to bypass the recruiters has paid off already.  I have been contacted directly by a hiring manager and have an interview lined up for Saturday at 5:30am at Sprint.  They are in a hurry to hire someone with my skills.  Being a direct hire includes benefits like tuition reimbursement.  If I can get my foot in the door over there, I'm sure I could move up fast.  The position has a rotating shift schedule, because of the 24 hour nature of the cellular data network being supported.  Well, that's nothing new to me, but at least this is scheduled and won't interrupt previously scheduled things on "my time".  Working swing shifts or midnight shifts suits my lifestyle just fine, as long as I can work some hockey time and gym time in somewhere.

In the wake of my parents' visit I'm getting chores done, like actually cutting my grass.  When a squirrel steps off the driveway into the lawn and completely disappears, it's time. 

The kitchenette downstairs is coming along.  I'm pulling out the remaining nails by which the 1973 style paneling was previously hung.  I have a verbal commitment from Kris to work off some back rent by doing more flooring work.  I have a friend, Tim, who has a construction business who will give me a discount on the electrical work and plumbing.  He will be here on Saturday to get started.  The cabinets are bought on credit, and I'm assembling them today.  Big fun.

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  1. Wooo hoooo, I knew something good was going to show up for you!  Knock 'em dead.